June 6, 2019

Learn more about this rare instrument from western China.

May 2, 2019

The seasons change, and the times are repeated, never stopping. Every year, every reincarnation ends, and another spring and autumn. The winter will pass, the summer will come, but the summer will disappear one day, and the next winter will come again. The world is so...

April 15, 2019

Hello everyone, today we will introduce you to a special miniature instrument used in Living Mythologies - the turkic Khomus.

The Khomus is popular among Chinese Mongolian people, such as Yi, Hui, Daur, Oroqen, Ewenki, Hezhe, Manchu, and Yunnan ethnic minorities as...

April 15, 2019


所谓口弦琴,是流行于中国蒙古族,于羌族、回族、达斡尔族、鄂伦春族、鄂温克族、赫哲族、满族、云南部分少数民族 ,俄罗斯图瓦族,阿尔泰族,雅库特族等少数民族中的一种簧片乐器。其中,鄂伦春语叫“明努卡”,也叫“天恩共”(意为铁的声音),达斡尔族叫“木库莲”,鄂温克族叫“朋留坎”,图瓦语称为“铁米尔·霍姆斯(Khomus)", 汉语称“口弦”。

图瓦铁制口弦Demir Khomus


February 24, 2019

On December 16, 2018, at the "Our World Music" themed event held at the Wukesong MAO LIVEHOUSE in Beijing, Living Mythologies brought a Vietnamese song "Sắc Màu".

This song was popular in Vietnam in the 1990s and was composed by military musician Chen Jin (Trần Tiến). I...

May 25, 2017

Mạch Sống Thần Thoại Trong Sương Mù

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【Instrument】Doshpuluur / 多什普鲁尔 / дошпулуур

June 23, 2019

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