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【Instrument】12-String Guitar / 十二弦吉他

The twelve-string guitar, as its name suggests, is the "12-string guitar". The number of strings is large and the width of the neck is widened. You must press two strings at the same time. The charm is that you can play the six-string guitar with a kind of natural harmony added. The wide-range range of sound truly adds power. The 12-string modulation is the same as the corresponding substring chord, and a given string and its corresponding substring are one octave apart. Chords are performed in the same way as the 6-string acoustic guitar, but sound much richer.


Living Mythologies member Andy Bauer playing a twelve-string guitar

神话接⼒力力成员 安迪保尔在演奏十二弦吉他

According to Paul Guy the name "guitar" comes from the ancient Sanskrit word for "string" - "tar". This is the language from which the languages of central Asia and northern India developed. Many stringed folk instruments exist in Central Asia to this day which has been used in an almost unchanged form for several thousand years, as shown by archeological finds in the area.

根据⾳音乐学家保罗盖伊的说法,“吉他”这个名字来源于古代梵语中的“字符串串” - “焦油”。 这是中亚和印度北北部语⾔言发展的语言。 迄今为止,中亚存在许多弦乐器,几千年以来几乎没有变化,如该地区的考古发现所示。

It is argued that the guitar made its way in primitive forms from Mesopotamia onward to Egypt and into Europe over a several thousand year period. There is some evidence that the 12 string guitar concept was inspired by Mexican instruments such as the guitarra séptima, the guitarra quinta huapanguera, and the bajo sexto. The 12 string guitar was arguably invented in the early 20th century and regarded as an instrument with natural chorus.​

有人认为,吉他在几千年的时间里以原始的形式从美索不达米亚进入埃及并进入欧洲。 有一些证据表明12弦吉他概念的灵感来自墨西哥乐器,如guitarras séptima,guitarra quinta huapan guera和bajo sexto。 12弦吉他可以说是在20世纪初发明的,被认为是具有自然合唱的乐器。

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