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Genres:Experimental, Post-Rock, Alternative World

Tagline:"Natural voices connecting all."

LanguagesEnglish, Tuvan, Uyghur, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese

Est.:Since 2015, Beijing China

RIYL:Bjork, Ghost, Pink Floyd, Yat-Kha, Askar, Sting, Enigma, Huun Huur Tu, Dire Straits




Pushing originality and tradition to the next level, Living Mythologies weaves together languages and cultures through their lush music telling powerful stories about the human condition with romantic and philosophical lyrics. As much cosmic as it is concrete, the sound of their debut album Inner Astronomy due out this year will exhilarate and move listeners in powerful and “transethnic” ways.


The group has versatile studio musicians and three core members including the legendary Tuvan throat singer and byzaanchy player Radik Tyulyush (Huun Huur Tu), ethnologist singer and dan bau player Tran Nguyen of the Ethnic Minorities Study Center of China, and Andy Bauer a polyglot singer, songwriter and anthropology researcher from Colorado.


Living Mythologies believes in writing music and lyrics which embody a non-fictional form of communication between different cultures carried out through songwriting about the real transformational experiences that occur while learning about music and life across cultures. At the same time as working to cultivate the musical heritage and traditions of each member in the band, their music also speaks of the times from a unique cross-cultural perspective.


Living Mythologies is the first band to integrate different ancient inner Asian vocal styles with poetic lyrics in English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Uyghur, and Tuvan. This project relies on grassroots yet professional production methods. For example, all Living Mythologies lyrics are collaboratively written with talented lyricists of the target language, and the production of the upcoming debut album, Inner Astronomy has involved nearly 25 talented artists, lyricists, studio musicians as well as cultural researchers.

It is not easy to bring together so many cultures and languages. Yet Living Mythologies’ belief in a new form of cultural communication that engages equal development of minority and majority cultures has united them to spread this music. Up until now, Living Mythologies has written about 20 original compositions with original lyrics. Their musical style rich with rarely used modal scales, innovative time signatures, atypical chord arrangements, and unprecedented integration of different ethnic traditions is organic yet transformative. Bringing into conversation the past, present, and the future to make songs meaningful to different generations, their music will remain deeply beautiful and powerfully philosophical for many centuries.


Documentary Conception

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