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[Billboard China] Feature Article (July 2017)

- China and Asia's Most Influential Music Magazine


[Tuva Motivator] Centerfold Feature Article (August 2017)

- Most Influential News Outlet in the Republic of Tuva

[TACC] Festival Coverage of Living Mythologies et. al. (August 2016)

- Russia's Largest and the World's 4th Largest News Agency

[] Radio Show Coverage (December 2016)

- Shanghai Performance Coverage

[IFENG.COM] (Phoenix) Media (December 2016)

- Corporate Performance Coverage

[Sky Times] Biographical (October 2016)

- Living Mythologies Core Member Editorial


- Coverage of Living Mythologies Uzbek Guest Artist

[Sky Times] Biographical (November 2017)

- Living Mythologies Uyghur Guest Artist

Blog Coverage


2017 Outstanding Presentation on Altai-Kai Tradition

[11th Sharq Taronalari Festival Conference, Samarkand, Uzbekistan]


2017 Honorary Guest Performers

[Kongor-ool Dedication Concert, Kyzyl, Russia]


2016 Semi-Finalists World Music Category

[The U.S.A.International Songwriting Competition]


2016 1st Prize For Scholarship and Ambassadorial Commitment

[Khoomei Caravan China Nationwide Contest]

2015 1st Prize For Original Compositions

[Khoomei at the Center of Asia 2015, Kyzyl, Russia]








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