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Misty Spring Music Festival

Beautiful weather and magnificent sunsets accompanied the Wumeng Prairie Festival over two splendid days and the music of Living Mythologies rang outward along the landscape, into the skies and onto the grasslands of this unlikely highland sanctuary in Guizhou this past April 30th, 2017.

This performance was also the first time that Living Mythologies has performed in a national park. As the Mythologies performed their unique style the spectators below chanted “people of the grasslands support you.” When the sound of the Igil, the sound of Khoomei and the sound of Vietnamese folk singing resonated it seemed as the the crowd felt that in some manner the spirit of the peoples of southeast Asia and north asia were in conversation. This is the characteristic of the music of Living Mythologies: when listening to their music you can always feel and see the cultures that you aspire to see.

Andy Bauer (Playing the Uyghur Ghirjek)

Yasen (Singing Original "Arrival (Kelgen)")

Andy Bauer (Playing Igil and singing Tuvan Khoomei)

Andy Bauer (Singing Tuvan Khoomei)

Tran Nguyen (Singing in Vietnamese Folk Style)

Payzulla (Playing Bass)

Living Mythologies definitely inspired the audience and left them interested in the performance from beginning to end. They will definitely win your ears and hearts when you see them live!

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