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【Instrument】弹布尔 / Tambur / تانبۇر

The Tambur (Uyghur: تانبۇر, Tambur) is an Uyghur and Uzbek stringed instrument. It has a long history, a simple shape, beautiful sound, and a unique local style, often used for solo performances. In the Chinese historical records, there are translated names such as “dān bù'ěr”, “dān bù'ěr” and “dān bù ěr”. The body is wooden and the shape is scooped. The body is slender and entangled with steel strings between 16 and 20 gauge. The instrument has a very special crisp sound.

弹布尔(维语: تانبۇر、Tambur)是维吾尔族、乌兹别克族弹弦乐器。历史悠久,形制古朴,音色优美,富有独特的地方风格,常用于独奏。汉文史籍中,有“丹不尔”、“弹拨尔”和“丹布尔”等译名。琴身木制,音箱较小,成瓢形。琴身修长,以丝弦缠成16至20余品位。弹布尔有一个很特别干脆的声音。

There are five steel wire strings, the inner two strings and the outer two strings are in the same tone, and have a fifth interval relationship with the middle string. The sound range is wide, the sound is crisp, and it has a rich ethnic soul. Often used in solo, ensemble or accompaniment, it is one of the main instruments of "mashrap" and the classical music of the "Twelve Muqams".


We also want to make it clear in this news article that LM recorded the Tambur with the famous Uyghur musician and plucking master Alimjan Tursun (2016). His music always reminds me of the picture in the studio office room where he played his instrument. Whether it is Xinjiang folk songs or Muqam songs, he sang and made me feel fascinated. Singing together, I always begged him to sing a song... I regret that we lost this lovely and respectable teacher a year ago. I didn't dare to listen to his music for a long time, because as soon as the sound of his music rang, I was already in tears...


See you once again in the music Sir Alimjan!



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