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【Instrument】Doshpuluur / 多什普鲁尔 / дошпулуур

The Doshpuluur (Tuvan: дошпулуур, Chinese:图瓦三弦 ) is a Tuvan lute made from wood, usually pine or larch. The doshpuluur is played by plucking and strumming. There are different designs of doshpuluur. One version has a semi-rectangular soundbox, which is covered on both sides by goatskin and has no frets on the beck. The other has a rounded soundbox made mostly of wood with a small goat or snakeskin covering over the front side, although hard to find it is said that this variant sometimes also has frets along the neck.

多什普鲁尔(图瓦三弦)(Tuvan:дошпулуур,英文:Doshpuluur) 是由木头制成的图瓦弹拨乐器,制作材料通常是松树或落叶松。 弹奏方式有拨弦和扫弦。 样式上有不同的设计:一种是一个半长方形的音箱,两侧都用山羊皮覆盖,并且没有音品。另一种是大部分由木头制成的圆形音箱,前面有一个小山羊皮或蛇皮覆盖,虽然很难找到它,但据说这种琴的琴颈上会有音品。

According to some sources, originally the Doshpuluur only had two strings, but there can be found experimental versions with even more strings (up to four). The two strings are usually tuned a perfect fifth apart, with the third string usually forming the octave. In some cases, the two strings are tuned a perfect fourth apart. Like the other stringed instruments of Tuva, it is traditionally used as an accompaniment for a solo performance, such as seen in the following solo clip of Mergen Kurai.

根据一些消息来源,最初多什普鲁尔只有两根弦,但可以找到更多弦(最多四个)的实验版本。最上边两根弦通常相隔五度,第一和三根弦通常形成八度音阶。下面两个琴弦的音调相差四度。与图瓦的其他弦乐器一样,它传统上被用作独奏表演的伴奏,如下面的Mergen Kurai个人剪辑中所见。


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