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【EP Release】Human Conditions 01-12-18

Over the past few years, Living Mythologies worked with astounding young Uyghur vocalists Memetjan Metqasim as well as Grammy Award winning Uyghur instrumentalist Alimjan (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Soundtrack) in Beijing, China to record the first installation of the many upcoming Living Mythologies releases, the Human Conditions EP, which will be released next Tuesday, Jan. 9th, followed by a release debut U.S. performance Jan. 12th at Swallow Hill Music in Denver, Colorado. The EP features a cover of a traditional post war Vietnamese folk song Bon Mua Thay La [Eternality] an original kargyraa solo: Melding With Mountains [Khuula beeri], a Tuvan folk song cover, A Heart Left Frozen [Amdy Baryp], and a Uyghur and Tuvan tradition vocal exchange by campfire light, Human River.

In the process of producing this EP, Living Mythologies partnered with Intarsia Transethnic Arts (Los Angeles, CA) in collaboration with Sorju Sounds & Productions Co., Ltd (Saint Petersburg, Russia) to produce and polish the sound of their debut EP release, a digital mastering processed was used with distinctive Tuvan approaches to stereo effects as well as the 3D sound concept. Intarsia Transethnic Arts and Sorju Sounds & Productions Co., have partnered for the purpose of establishing a unique Tuvan approach to sound mixing and mastering based extensively on traditional Tuvan musical and sound aesthetics.

Intarsia Transethnic Arts investment chair (right), Sorju Sounds & Productions president Chingis Sorju (middle), Living Mythologies member Andy Bauer (left) in a recent meeting in Taiwan.

Album printing will engaged one of the most minimalistic forms of CD print to date, utilizing Atomic Disc's Eco Disk printing technology and virtually 2D jacket demonstrated well just below of their breakthrough minimalistic disc production.

Atomic discs most eco friendly aspect is the removal of glue from CD cases. It is a true breakthrough, a possibility right in front of our eyes for so long but somehow never utilized.

Breaking all the basic languages barriers... one step at a time, the Human Conditions EP is more than the 1st installment, it is a statement not about what music should be, but rather what it can be.

Intarsia Transethnic Arts brings to you music that breaks all kinds of barriers, one of the positive forces bringing things such as Bollywood films to Hollywood, decentralizing our aesthetic orientations and lending a hand to transform people into even more cosmopolitan music connoisseurs.

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